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Fore-imaged, After-seen Digital film projection and drawing
Charlotte Knox-Williams
Performances: Chloe Cooper, Jenny Moore, Charlotte Knox-Williams
Participatory events: In Circles, Rings Around You; Track Events; 
Reading group; Discussion/ seminar/ events.

Gallery Open: Saturday - Sunday 1-6pm
Preview: Friday 13.02.15. 6-9pm

Five Years
66 Regent Studios, 8 Andrews Road, London E8 4QN


Saturday 14th

13:00 - RINGS AROUND YOU Charlotte Knox-Williams
15:00 - Seminar and discussion

Sunday 15th

13:00 – RINGS AROUND YOU Charlotte Knox-Williams
15:00 - DOUBLEBILL: LOOPPOOL Jenny Moore, Chloe Cooper

Saturday 21st

13:00 - Seminar and discussion
15:00 - LOOP-THE-LOOP Charlotte Knox-Williams

Sunday 22nd

13:00 – TRACK EVENTS Charlotte Knox-Williams