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First published by Five Years 2012
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This Is Not a School. Book. ISBN 978-1-903724-07-1

Alexander Costello, Mark Harvey, Lee Campbell, Duncan McAfee, Mike Chavez-Dawson, Alex Baker, Mike Ryder and Sarah Bowker-Jones; Lucy Cash and Theron Schmidt; Steven Eastwood & Anya Lewin; Kevin Molin & Zoe Olaru; Dagmar I Glausnitzer-Smith and Francesca Cho; Gary Kempston; Sharon Gal, Frances Morgan, Andie Brown, Sophie Cooper, Suke Driver and Aurelia McGlynn-Richon; Free School & Communist Gallery;Deborah Ridley; Patrick Loan; Chloe Cooper, Phoebe Davies & Louisa Martin; Heidi Wigmore & Sarah Buckle;Ana Cavic, Renée O’Drobinak (Ladies of the Press*; Ella Clocksin, Stephen Davies, Nicola Harlow, Ben Jenkins, Charlotte Knox-Williams, Kathy Oldridge, David Podger, Amy Todman, Marius Von Brasch; Esther Windsor; Pier Vegner Tosta; CATALOG; Amateurist Network; Charlotte Knox-Williams & Jennifer Jarman, Amy Todman, Melanie Rose; Damien O’Connell & John Greene; Naoise McGeer, Alfonso Areses; Alice Bradshaw; Annie Davey; Critical Practice; Steve Richards; Rachel Cattle; Paul Tarragó; Leslie Barson; Neil Ferguson; David Berridge; Jillian Knipe; Christine Sullivan & Rob Flint; Kim Wan; Calum F. Kerr; Jessie Bond & Elizabeth Graham

Image: DARTER Party Politics (that of bringing people together to decide whether or not to hit a Secretary of State for Education [Michael Gove] -shaped piñata with a wooden table leg?)

This is not a School. at Five Years