Being Together is Not Enough
Events /Publication Project
Five Years Publications: Public Series No:8

A free and open-call for proposals.
All proposals accepted.
12-27 May 2018
Five Years, London

Deadline for proposals
1 February 2018

Send proforma and any queries to












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Five Years invites you to propose something. Something that can be made - that participates in a project. A group project that attempts to question and develop ideas of what might be at stake in being together.

We welcome proposals from anyone.
All proposals accepted. All rights reserved.

You are asked to propose a one to two-hour event to be programmed at Five Years (12-27 May 2018). The proposal you write will be published along with your event, within the programme - as part of a draft, working publication (A5 black & white).

You will then be invited to freely develop your proposal and event to form part of a final publication (A5 black & white) for launch (TBC) as Five Years Publications: Public Series No: 8

Proposals are particularly welcome that attempt to radically interpret participatory activities and question organisational models of public events (including workshops, talks, lectures, discussion, reading groups, religious and political groups, performances, walks, exhibits, lessons, conferences, groups for and by: local residents, workers, artists, school children, activists, academics, researchers, designers, etc. ie anyone).

Proposals that attempt to operate outside formal institutions, that build on other self-organised events and actions are of course welcome too. As are previously independently published materials that can be presented here for further discussion.

Anyone proposing is required to submit an abstract/outline
(see Proforma for all details) of no more than 500 words
not later than 1 February 2018.
Images (max 4 black & white) may be submitted in addition.
You may also submit a PDF if you wish to layout material yourself. If so, please email (see below) to discuss.

  1. Out of this same light, out of the central mind
    We make a dwelling in the evening air
    In which being together is enough.

  2. We have to organize a new trend in politics beyond the law of places and the centralisation of power. And in fact, we have to find a form of action where the political existence of everybody is not separated from their being -

  3. Yes, we have to build a new dwelling, a new house, where ‘being together is enough’. But for that, we must change our mind (‘out of the central mind’) and change the light. And for that, with the help of new forms of art, we must go into an action without places.









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Submit proforma and any queries to