Five Years Periodical
Vol.2 No.1

Spitting Distance: Mick Finch & Guillaume Paris/ Paper: Concept: Rochelle Fry/ FREE SHOW/ Garden Of The Sleep Of Love: Dan Hays, Roderick Harris, Marc Hulson & Peter Lloyd Lewis/ Talent Show, Patricia Ellis/ In The Path Of The Most Frightening Storm, And Suffered Terrible Devastion. It Also Shows: Ana Cavic & Sally Morfill/ Maskwork (with Marc Hulson): Esther Planas

Donald & Brent: Claire Nichols


Five Years Periodical
Vol.1 No.1

There Is No Future For Us Now: Jo Addison, Alex Schady, Alice Walton/ ART FOR EVERYONE/ Visitors: Jo Addison/ Huis Clos: Louisa Minkin/ Goo Goo Muck: Five Years Project/ Psychogeometry: Esther Planas/ You First: Lucy Wood

Vainglory! Guy Beckett


Five Years Periodical
Vol.1 No.2

Rochelle Fry/ Il Cittadino: Michelle Deignan / Paintings And Sculptures: Claire De Jong / Our Period. Mathew Hale, Susan Morris/ Untitled Sequence 1998-2007 Marc Hulson/ Romantic Anti-humanism: Lisa Castagner, Theo Cowley, Jayne Parker, Bjørn Venø

The Artist And The Jury: Mike Watson


Five Years Periodical
Vol.1 No.3

Crisis And Finance And Nudes: Heike Kelter & Hanna-mari Blencke/ Hotshots: Cedar Lewisohn/ DY-66 aas/ Model As You Would Carve, Alice Walton/ Now And Then, Laurence North/ O: Sally Morfill/ PEER ESTEEM

The Return Of The Uncanny: Anouchka Grose


Five Years Periodical
Vol.1 No.4

You Must Change Your Life: Louisa Minkin/ Present State Jasmina Cibic Pete Moss/ Glitch, Simon Wells/ Three Studies: Pee Wee, Meat, Billy. Francis Summers/ I Don’t Think I Can Fit It In: Alex Schady/ Porridge Wogs Rabiya Choudry, Andrew Gilbert, Astrid Sourkova/ Rules To Hold On To…appropriating Appropriate Appropriation: Neil Ferguson

The Invisible Kiez: David Selden

Five YearS: