*Podcasts/ The Wellness Formula: Candice Jacobs

The Wellness Formula will explore the concept of Spiritual Capitalism via a constructed TV studio with live performances, video works, and conversations/podcasts being broadcast online within a landscape of amethyst crystals, mirrored lakes, UV light, neon and computer screens.

The Wellness Formula Sunday Service
Every Sunday we will release new pre-recorded conversations
between the artist and the following:

Adrian Estment, Astrocartographer, Angelo Plessas, Greek artist and founder of The Eternal Internet Brother & Sisterhood, Candida Powell-Williams, London based artist who explores the connections between action, storytelling, symbolism and magical thinking, Christina Sol, a practicing shamen in Mexico who uses Paloma Blanca (Ayawaska of the Moon), Tess Maclure, New Zealand based Journalist & deputy Editor of VICE, who wrote “Dark crystals: the brutal reality behind a booming wellness craze”, Sai Krishna, electronics engineer and researcher in visual perception and virtual reality at the Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technology, Bangalore, Evelien Geerts, Philosopher, Lecturer and researcher of continental political philosophy/theory, epistemology & (feminist) science studies, critical and feminist theory at the University of Amsterdam, Utrecht University (ICON) and Linköping University (The Posthumanities Hub).



#1: Candida Powell-Williams, Artist, London


#2: Christina Sol, Shaman, Mexico


#3: Angelo Plessas, Artist, Athens


#4: Adrian Estment, Magic Landscape Astrologer


#5: Tess Maclure, New Zealand based Journalist


#6: Evelien Geerts, Philosopher, Antwerp




* Due to the ongoing covid-19 situation, the space at Five Years remains closed to the public.