Saturday 12-6pm

Being Together Not Enough: Drawing on a videoed discussion made at the
Symposium: Embodied Experience of Drawing in Plymouth in 2018.

In close conversation Edward Dorrian and Oona Wagstaff openly edit the material. Between participants and interested publics. As invitation for anyone to interrupt.

[Camera held in assembly. Capturing image and sound. Both in and beyond frame. Drawing begins when the camera/apparatus is switched on? Performing in and with. In front of and behind. The drawing is a continuous movement. Time. In recording. However imperfect. Or incomplete. An artificial thing that exists. Contrived between. A (drawing) practice as… making, performing and participating.]
Can something be made of this?

I think there are two strands which stand out for me within the text so far;
I am interested in discussing where the drawing is in this work.
Is it the video, (artefact), made and transcribed into a fellow artefact (book)?
Was it a time-based (historical/cultural) ephemeral conversational event which has passed and means something different now?
Or is the drawing what we are now doing, as a working reflection on evolving ideas and the passage of time?
Perhaps these are different types of drawing activity?
How do we know when we are drawing and why may it matter to anyone but us?


Please see a short biography with an invitation to discuss one of the following objects
which I will bring with me.




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Edward Dorrian

Edward Dorrian is an artist, member of Five Years and candidate PhD student at Kingston School of Art - Working out of a contested common ground: A politics of drawing as collectivity and organisation.


Oona Wagstaff

Oona Wagstaff is an artist-maker, with an interest in writing, engaged in MA drawing research which investigates notions of what drawing does. Oona is interested in phenomenology and the interplay between conceptual, perceptual and physical processes within drawing practice. Oona’s work is that of a wayfarer, nomadic and experimental, seeking out the ‘space between’ as a place of investigation and exploration. Having no particular shape, it may exist in many states and forms which speak across and through different media. Oona’s current work engages with line, sound, interruption and ambiguity in the making of work which oscillates between two and three dimensional ideas, and between subject and object.


Nela Milic

Dr Nela Milic is an artist and senior lecturer in the Design School at London College of Communication.






Draft Transcripts:

A. B.


Sunday 12-6pm

Assembly: Drawing on a transcribed conversation between
Edward Dorrian and Nela Milic.

Close conversation recorded and now replayed at Five Years. Openly edited between participants and interested publics. As invitation for anyone to interrupt.

Nela, apologies for the long hiatus... and short notice. I’m planning to be in the space at Five Years on Sun 28 April 12-6pm, ostensibly going through a first draft of our conversation last May, as a kind of performative exercise. I only recently sent the recording off to be transcribed by a third party. I’ve attached their transcription and the recording. I don’t expect you to proof or necessarily participate on the Sunday (short notice) but I wondered if you’d allow me to sit in a ‘public’ place... transcribing? I haven’t gone through it in any way. If a completed second draft does arrive...and it won’t happen in the few hours... I will of course discuss with you any further plans... before any proper publication/ development. Let me know if you’ve any queries...

Hello Edward, Thank you for your email. I do not think I will be able to get to you on the 28th, but I am happy to be informed about your progress with the project. I just went through the transcript quickly and it is quite chaotic. I hope you can get what you need out of it as it goes everywhere, but we were in a good mood and that comes across very well!