Laura Nicholson is an American English artist based in London. Recent solo exhibitions includeClimbing the walls, Lomography studio, London (2018); Constantly Terrified, Modern art Oxford, Oxford (2017); and Simhamukha, C.U.P., Reading (2016). They also participated in DEEP ANGER TRUE LOVE TENDER CARE, Horse Hospital. London (2017). Their practice includes print, comic books, painting and performance. Laura’s work often tackles psychoanalytic processes, embodied experience, and the blurry line between performance and authenticity.


Unit 2B1 | Boothby Road | Archway, London | N19 4AJ | | twitter | Facebook



Laura Nicholson

15-16 September 2018
Open: Sat-Sun 1-6pm
Preview: Thursday 13 September 6-9pm



You are invited to participate in obsessive rearranging and mark making from
10:30-3pm on Saturday and Sunday

A journalist is attempting to write a feature about a small desert community. All the while being haunted by his dreams of an all-consuming wave. A cracked-dam consciousness, his mental state deteriorates. He sinks deeper into obsession as his dreams start to seep through into waking life. Ebbing and flowing, eroding the boundaries between fantasy and reality.

Uncertainty, leaking boundaries, fluidity and transmission are the main themes of Laura Nicholson’s amorphous comic book, Slippage. Produced whilst on residency at Mutton Fist Press, Slippage will be presented in a gallery overwhelmed by productive surfaces. Allowing the audience to both purposely and accidentally mark and be marked. Trace evidence; wet footprints and oily smudges, collapse the distances between finished and unfinished. Between work, artist and viewer. The look is T.V. psychopath’s lair, the comic is absorbent.