NOËL LIMITS II Saturday 16th December 3pm-9pm

BEER dirt, dirt, Christmas-bulk-buy-sad-pretending-it's-for-a party-not-for-boxing-day-alone cheap.

PRINTS by Fisters, Friends-of-Fist and Five Years members including:

Gareth Berwyn
Rolina Blok
Paul Dewis
Marc Hulson
Ryan McClelland
Laura Nicholson
Esther Planas
Alex Schady
Jonathan Trayner
Work 'Aus
and more…

BOOKS & COMICS by 24hrs in the Sky artists, and new Fist resident Laura Nicholson.

THE LAUNCH of 'The Blue Plague Print School Linocut Textbook' by Lisa Cradduck- featuring a limited edition, linocut dust-jacket.

LIVE MUSIC by some incarnation of house band English Heretic, who will be playing new wave bastardisations of Christmas carols so that we will never sleep again. 

And misanthropic mood music.