Five Years at AirSpace Gallery
2 April 2016

The Artist Soup Kitchen
The Artist-Led - Then, Now and Next.
Resource Room

AirSpace Gallery have invited Five Years to take part in their 'Artist Soup Kitchen' Event:-

"The Soup Kitchens are 2 hour events - starting with a 30 minute presentation, followed by soup - and then a discussion around the themes raised in the presentation.
Ordinarily, these are open events available for booking by interested members of the public. For this one however,
[AirSpace] are looking to assemble representatives from key artist-led organisations in the country to discuss the present situation of, and future for, artist-led activity.

For the Artist Soup Kitchen [AirSpace] invite original AirSpace Directors David Bethell and Andrew Branscombe to re ect on the organisation’s history over ten years. [AirSpace] will consider how the precarious nature of artist led organisations can be turned into a positive, and how to ensure activity is sustained and ethical while working in these contexts. Discussion will focus around the role of artist led organisations within the places that they occupy, and will invite representatives of artist-led spaces nationally, to join the discussion about the future of AirSpace and spaces like it.

The discussion will be filmed and shared on the AirSpace Gallery website."

AirSpace Gallery
4 Broad Street
City Centre