organised by Samia Malik, Marc Hulson and Andrew Cooper

In a society structured according to principles of competition, domination and hierarchy, how can we challenge and change the social and economic relations around culture that dictate who has a voice and who does not?
What are the material and cultural censorships we face?
How do we liberate material resources to create places where we can question rather than adapt to an image of freedom within the pyramid of cultural capital?
With an increasing number of people facing serious material and cultural repression, how do we create a dialogue which is not suffocated by exclusion?

Each participant will present a piece of visual work for discussion. The dialogue will be recorded and the work will be placed in the gallery during the conversation, alongside any related materials produced during its course. We will aim to involve those who for various reasons do not have a platform. We do this with the understanding that this is only the start to forming a necessary culture of questioning and change beyond adaptation.


14 November Saturday 12-6pm (open discussion) 6-9pm (social event)
15 November Sunday 1-6pm (exhibition)

Five Years, 66 Regents Studios, 8 Andrews Road, London E8 4QN |