Joint Enterprise: A (Possible) Five Years Constitution.

It is here where we need to put in words how we are constituted.
This thing needs to be written. Needs to be made. To repeat: Something (at Five Years) is needed. All (possible) inputs have begun. Fashioned. And so now, if we gather them, we can work upon (them).
We are trying to demonstrate what we need to cover. All that we ask is that we all try to give some kind of formulation to this.

Here is a version. Some ideas for you. (1-5)
It is in no way to be expected to be shared by all. Agreed? But let’s (for the time being) follow each section.

We are fully aware that these five sections might not be the best way to go about our purpose, but we strongly feel that whatever format you use addresses the following issue of identity, education and community.


  1. Who are ‘we’? / ‘How’ are ‘we’ constituted?
    Is Five Years a free association of artists, audiences and producers?

  2. What do ‘we’ do?
    Is Five Years a not-for-profit organisation committed to the maintenance and support of art and artists? Are Five Years’ aims to produce a framework whereby the practising and reception of art might be undertaken as a voluntary and autonomous activity? [Plenty to discuss here?]

  3. What is the method of doing (the methodology or ethos)?
    Does Five Years operate under the principles of co-operation, equality and solidarity with democratic procedures underlying their decision making?

  4. What ‘impact’ / ‘effects’ do ‘we’ aim to produce?
    Does Five Years aim to operate as an educational and community minded organisation (with education understood as the emancipatory realisation of potentiality and community understood as the free movement and distribution of singularities)? [Again, plenty to discuss...]

  5. If Five Years were to be supported what is it that would be supported in real terms?
    Do ‘we’ act as a meeting place for ideas, art-works and people, facilitating different and heterogeneous individuals and networks that in turn constitute a number of different communities and publics?

‘We’ put these themes forward as they emphasise how ‘we’ understand ‘our’ organisation to operate within the terms of an artworld, on the experience of many of ‘us’ as within art institutions as educated/educators and how art as a ‘good’ is often framed as educational - can ‘we’ formulate this beyond ‘gallery talks’? and finally community - if ‘we’ are a community of practice - how can this be named?

'We’ tentatively ask ‘you’ to have a stab at responding. Or put together ‘your’ own version of things. Then ‘we’ can construct a beginning from this... Words, pictures, things etc.

Now. To move forward.
Join Five Years in an attempt to 'self- constitute'. All welcome.






7November 2015
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