S _ _ _ K

Charlotte Knox-Williams Russell Hart, Helen Austwick Zaltzman

Exhibition of new work curated by and featuring the multi-disciplinary artist. Charlotte Knox-Williams will be installing a new body of work that includes drawings and digital film, alongside choreography for a group of dancers. Accompanied by a single pressing audio work by Russell Hart, the dancers will perform for the first time at the opening event on Friday the 3rd July. The show also features a guest appearance from Helen Austwick Zaltzman (Answer Me This, The Allusionist) that addresses the exhibition and its themes.

S _ _ _ K continues Knox-Williams’ construction of tenuous narratives, pieced together from fragments of film unearthed from popular media websites. Through video, installation, drawing, sound and performance works, Knox-Williams joins together and re-sequences in an and, and, and logic that mirrors the tenuous associations of memory, revealing bad imitations and pursuing false remembrances. The large-scale drawing and projection work that shares the exhibition’s title sits at the centre of the show, forming a kind of rubric within which it’s multiple references and fragmentary connections intersect.

4-12 July 2015
Opening Times: Sat-Sun 1–6pm
Private View: Friday 3rd July 6-9pm

Five Years, 66 Regents Studios, 8 Andrews Road, London E8 4QN
www.fiveyears.org.uk | info@fiveyears.org.uk