Series: The Architecture of Conversation
Ilga Leimanis + Bidisha Sinha

First in a series examining the architecture of conversations, BANG YOUR HEAD, is the dialogue between interdisciplinary collaborators exploring well-being, from which the ‘Manifesto of Re-Engagement’ emerged.


IL: selfie your aspirational way out
BS: re-order your rituals for social animals

IL: brainwash the individual consciousness
BS: calm their hair for the affirmation game

IL: everyday instructional manual for second life
BS: insecure obsessions lack money and happiness

BS: head, neck, eyes, nose, ear
IL: waist, hips, knees, ankles, hair, feet

BS: scale the ridiculous problem
IL: distraction of re-ordered thought



23rd – 31st May 2015
Opening Times: Sat – Sun (1-6pm)
Preview: Friday 22nd May 2015 (6–9pm)

Five Years, 66 Regents Studios, 8 Andrews Road, London E8 4QN |

Artist Biographies

Ilga Leimanis is a member of Five Years. Montreal born, she is a visual artist, drawer and educator based in London. Alongside her solo practice, she is also one half of Ortelius Drew, a collaborative, mobile, performative drawing project.

Bidisha Sinha was born in Damascus, formally trained as an Architect in New Delhi and got her MArch in Architecture & Urbamism from the AA, London. She has been associated with an architectural practice for the last decade while continuing to explore ways of communicating everyday themes based on her cross cultural experiences.


Image credit:
Ilga Leimanis and Bidisha Sinha, Bang Your Head, 2015