A Heap, A Pile, A Mass, A Gathering.
A series of images and readings by Jessica Potter & others.
14.09.13 Saturday 6-8pm

Thus the theory of description matters most.
It is the theory of the word for those
For whom the word is the making of the world,
The buzzing world and lisping firmament.
It is a world of words to the end of it,
In which nothing solid is its solid self.

A series of readings and photographic projections of discarded piles of organic matter informed by a reading of the work of Francis Ponges.

Selected texts from the series: ‘A heap, a pile, a mass, a gathering,’
written and read by Jessica Potter

Selected texts from the work of Francis Ponges
read by Robert Ellis.

* Wallace Stevens, Descriptions Without Place,
in Stevens Collected Poetry and Prose
(New York: The Library of America, 1977) P.296.


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