Jala Wahid/ Bethany Marett/ Silvia Merce Lara/ Antonio De La Hera/ Nessa Finnegan/ Michelle Theodotou/ Lucie Farar/ Amelia Martyn/ Aimee Sawicki

An art exhibition, featuring the works of nine artists.

Grabbing on to other artists’ practices Antonio de la Hera creates a space for alternative contexts outside of his own. This schizophrenic practice blurs the lines between commentary, production and promoting. He is a member of Transmission Collective.

Bethany Marett is an artist and curator based in London, brought up in Lancashire. Her work is concerned with notions of translation. She is particularly interested in how an absence or a trace of something can actually imply its presence. She looks to find beauty in organic residues and marks and enjoys manipulating the way others interpret and view this imagery.

For Aimee Sawicki it is the extent to which an object can be considered well or not-well made, when under the status of a prop / object-made-for-action…the extent to which objects as performative residue attempt to communicate a past-action as substitute for documentation…to an extent.

Jala Wahid’s practice looks at the rhetoric and artifice of advertising and consumeraesthetics; its eroticism, sensuality and violence; how these manifest in desire (both materialistic and sentimental).