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What is it to search for truth amongst the images in the mind? Pursuing memory in search of truth is a demanding task. Remembering enacts a disruption upon memory presenting truths’ impossibility. Memory can only ever be re-constructed as a fiction - truth is elsewhere, giving us the slip.  Polonius knew that: by indirections we find directions out. He knew that the way to find the carp of truth was via the bait of falsehood.


This show, Indirections_1,  stages the slippage between truth and falsehood, fact and fiction. It is a presentation of different sorts of transitional objects, diagrams, drawings and text that point to a memory of a house. This house no longer exists. Some years ago it was cut in half and moved to the other side of the city and it is only through remembering that it can be re-made. The different documents and objects in this show are taken from the files of the Lost Object Archive, an archive that is being made to re-construct the memory of the house albeit in a fragmentary way.