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Harry Pye Presents "Another Time, Another Place"
with Marcus Cope, Cedar Lewisohn, Stephanie Moran, Chloe Mortimer

Harry Pye, Marcus Cope, Cedar Lewisohn, Stephanie Moran, Chloe Mortimer.
A collborative project initatied by Cedar Lewisohn and Harry Pye. The show will include paintings and sculptures which respond to the book Re-Make/Re-Model: Art, Pop, Fashion and the Making of Roxy Music 1953-1972 by Michael Bracewell . A fanzine edited by Lewisohn and Pye will be produced to accompany the show.


Harry Pye
1 "Whose Go Is It Again?" by Harry Pye and Rowland Smith (with apologies to Miro)
A painting based on my memories of being a teenager and playing chess with my dad. my mother and sister went to spain and brought me back a miro t-shirt. i drank my dad's cider. the label on the cider bottle (strongbow cider) was designed by an artist called Barney Bubbles. The title comes from the frustraition of playing chess with my dad. Because he was tired he would forget whose turn it was to make a move. I remember being happy at this period though (14 years old maybe).
2 I-D magazine by Harry Pye and Rowland Smith
My sister would read I-D. The magazine got it's name because it was about Ideas. It would feature all the most trendy singers and film makers and designers and I would dream that one day I could be featured too.
3 There's someone for me somewhere but) "I Still Miss Someone"
4 "Every Relationship Has A Clock Attached To It" (by Pye & Kes Richardson)
5 "Optomism & Joy" (by Pye & Marcus Cope) is about the birth of my nephew Albert 2 years ago. It was painted when I felt very happy and positive about the future and proud of my family.

Marcus Cope

Chloe Mortimer
Turner's Parents