In the novel Hotel Honolulu, author Paul Theroux invents a fictional character called Paul Theroux who charts the lives and fleeting whims of the many characters who amble past him as he works as the manager of a low rent dive in the sun. Sleazy and corrupt, the people he meets and becomes one of seem to be more attractive as they become more hideous.


In much the same way, Cedar Lewisohn's new work at Five Years blurs the boundaries of fiction and reality adding a mild sense of depravity to the mix. Drawing inspiration and its title from a bowling alley and "Ned Disco" in Glasgow where the artist worked for a time, HOTSHOTS offers a glimpse into the nocturnal world of the drunken masses. It's not pretty and there lays its beauty. If the art in this exhibition could speak, it might well quote Paul Theroux's Hotel Honolulu boss, Buddy, with perhaps his wisest and most profound catch phrase "never jack off a dog".